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For example, how do i play this game?

  • Pirate Bay

How do I play this game?

1. To place a bet use + or - buttons to increase or decrease your bet. 2. Check out your prize amount. On the right side of the playing field you will see how much you can win for each row. 3. Start to play. Just click on the Play button and choose one of the cells in the first row. 4. Choose one cell. Each row contains 3 options: win, loss or tie (without losing your bet). If you get: A coin, you’ve guessed it right, and you are one step closer to winning! An anchor, the game is over, however your initial bet goes back to your account. Skull and bones, you’ve lost the bet. Try again! Get to the last row, find the chest of gold and the superprize is yours!

What is Demo?

In this mode you can play the game for free. If you play Demo, nothing will be deducted from the balance and any winnings will not be credited.

Winning not accrued

Check if the Demo mode is enabled or you have logged into your account. If you are sure that you are playing for real, please describe the issue in details and email to [email protected]

Winning not accrued correctly

Please describe the issue in details and email to [email protected]

Failed paying for my bet

Check if you have enough funds on the balance. In case of any failure, please describe the issue in details and email to [email protected]

How can I cancel my bet?

There's no such an opportunity.

Bet disappeared from the list

Please describe the issue in details and email to [email protected]

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