• Gift cards and promo codes

Do you send gift cards and promo codes?

We send only promo codes. Gift cards are not used in mailing.

How can I get a promo code?

You can receive it with our mailings.

Where and how can I get a gift card?

You can receive a gift card from your friend or buy it on our website (check out the bottom of any page).

How do I activate my gift card?

There is a `Buy or Activate` button at the bottom of any trueflip.io page in the `Gift Card` section. Just click on it and input the code you have. If you received an email with an activation link, you can use it as well.

How do I activate promo code?

You can activate it using the link from the mail.

Funds was not accrued after activating gift card or promo code

Please describe the issue in details and email to [email protected].

Failed to activate gift card or promo code

Either the code has already been used or you are entering a wrong code. A code should not contain spaces. Only hyphens, letters and numbers can be used in the code. If you are sure that the code is correct and it has not yet been used, please describe the issue in details and email at [email protected].

Couldn't find the answer?

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