US citizens are not allowed to participate in True Flip's project due to legal restrictions.

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I have a problem transferring TFL to my wallet

Due to high amount of transactions at the moment, delays up to 24 hours may occur. For any other questions connected with token transfer process please refer to FAQ on our website To receive your TFL token on your you need to: 1) Open your wallet 2) Find in the bottom right section where you can add a custom token - - 3) Add data: - address: 0xa7f976C360ebBeD4465c2855684D1AAE5271eFa9 - Token symbol: TFL - decimals: 8

What type of wallets can I keep my tokens on?

We recommend: MEW (My EtherWallet, MetaMask, Mist, Parity)

What's the price of tokens?

The initial price of 1 TFL token was 0.0005 BTC during our crowdsale. These days you can buy/sell TFL on cryptocurrency exchanges in accordance with the current rates.

Where should I keep tokens?

It doesn't matter where you store your tokens. But we strongly recommend not to move them anywhere until the ICO is over.

My TFL tokens are on the investor profile. How can I transfer them to MEW? My MEW address showing on profile is wrong.

There is no posibility to change your wallet on profile yourself. So please give us your profile email and the right wallet address. After changing your address, you may transfer your tokens to MEW using these instructions.

My tokens have been sent to the exchange wallet. What can be done?

Try to contact the exchange and ask them to transfer your tokens back, because they have them. Even though we try to warn everyone on all our channels to send ethers from the wallets that we recommend: MEW (My EtherWallet, MetaMask, Mist, Parity) some people still send ethers directly from exchange. Many people keep making this mistake and that means many of them can lose their funds as the exchange make the transfers from the address other than the user has requested (not their ETH deposit address within the exchange). Though some people get help from the exchange, many times they don't help and you can lose your funds. Unfortunately, we are unable to issue tokens to people who made this mistake, since tokens are issued automatically by the crowdfunding contract, and we have no control over this process once the contract is deployed. Total amount of tokens are proportionate to the amount of ethers the contract has received.

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