US citizens are not allowed to participate in True Flip's project due to legal restrictions.

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How can I get a free ticket?

You get the free ticket after you confirm your email.

Why has my free ticket not been assigned?

We are currently upgrading our platform. So we've temporarily disabled the free ticket system. We plan to finish the process by the end of the week and then enable free tickets again. All your tickets will be automatically allocated.

I can see my free ticket in "My game" section. How can I use it? After filling out the ticket I click "Pay" but nothing happens or "unsufficient funds" statement comes out.

Free ticket system is out of order now. It will come back in 2-3 days. If there are no coins on your score, you are not able to get the ticket.

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If you were unable to find an answer to your question using search box or navigating through the section of our help center, you can contact technical support using the form below.

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