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What do I need to take part in the lottery?

It's as easy as ABC! You need to: 1. Sign up 2. Top up your balance with Bitcoins 3. Select numbers in the preferred quantity of tickets 4. Pay for tickets and wait for the draw

I have missed out the draw. How can I find out the results and check if my ticket has won?

All stats are kept in your profile. In case of winning, money is automatically transferred to your balance. You may withdraw it whenever you like.

Can I preserve anonymity having won the significant prize?

If you not going to chatter about your winning either expose your wallet number where the prize is kept, the anonymity will be preserved.

How can I monitor the drawing process?

You may select the automated playing. In this case the computer will randomly choose the combination of numbers. When committing the automated extended bet, one has to flag on the "Automatically" field and specify the quantity of numbers. If the playing field of the ticket is filled out wrong, or if you suddenly want to choose other numbers, flag on the "Cancel" field. It means that information about each ticket bought instantly comes to the database of game combinations.

Should I choose numbers totally in the same order as they are drawn?

Number sequence does not matter. The only thing is just to guess them!

How often and when do draws take place?

Draws are conducted every day at 08:00 PM (GMT)

What is the principle of the lottery prize fund formation?

50% of the ticket cost goes to the prize pot refill.

Do you charge fees for winnings?

Yes, we charge 1% transaction fee for winning.

How can I randomly fill out my tickets for the draw?

Open the menu in the top right corner, choose "My game", then scroll down the page to the lottery tickets section and click "auto". The numbers will be randomly selected for you.

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