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How to make sure you don't cheat on draw numbers and winnings?

If you are a coder or have one among friends, ask them to download our algorithm and check out how it works on the example of any finished drawing

Why does the game go for Bitcoins instead of phisycal currency?

Bitcoin is the future of payments that eliminates numerous restrictions. As of the lottery, the key restriction removed by Bitcoin is withdrawal of the winning. You will get no red tape problems.

What is blockchain and why it is so reliable in terms of transparency of the draws?

Blockchain is the technology that banking activity starts using; most economic industries are implementing it in key processes. The core advantage of blockchain is 100% transparency and impossibility to fake entries. True Flip applies blockchain to determine winning numbers. This algorithm is open and any coder can prove its fairness.

How is the winning set determined? How do numbers come out?

The process of determination of the winning set has 3 stages: 1) Ticket sale for the current draw ends up 30 minutes before 20:00 UTC 2) At 20:00 UTC, the first hash of the transaction accessible for everybody on is taken (this hash cannot be predicted!) 3) This hash is incorporated into an algorithm that forms 6 numbers based on the arithmetic action. The source code of the algorithm is open and anybody can check it out and repeat calculations.

How is winning determined? What are the conditions for minimal and maximal winnings?

Depending of the quantity of guessed numbers, you may win from 0.0005 BTC to Jackpot! The detailed prize chart is shown here

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