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How may I help you?

The most common questions are

What are the winning odds?

The odds table is listed here: https://rapid.trueflip.io/#prizetable.

What are the winnings for getting the SuperPrize of Rapid to the Moon?

You can the SuperPrize for each draw any time at https://rapid.trueflip.io/.

What are the winnings for getting the Flip's Star Jackpot?

You can the Jackpot for each draw any time at https://star.trueflip.io/.

What do I need to take part in True Flip's games?

Simple! You need to: 1. Sign up 2. Check your balance 3. Select your game 4. Place a bet 5. Pay for the tickets, and wait for the draw.

What are the winnings for getting the SuperPrize of Chain's Code game?

You can the SuperPrize for each draw any time at https://cc.trueflip.io/.

Where can I find the results of past draws?

All information about past draws is available in our archive. Flip Star's draw archive is available here: https://star.trueflip.io/en/archive A similar archive for Rapid to the Moon can be found here: https://rapid.trueflip.io/en/archive

Why can’t I use my free ticket? I can see that it’s there.

Currently, we are in the process of upgrading our platform, so we have had to take the free-ticket system offline. We are planning to complete the upgrade within the second quarter of 2018. While we are making the necessary changes, all free tickets are added to and accounted for within our internal log. These tickets will be added to the players' accounts as soon as the technical work is completed.

Why is the system failing to register my e-mail address?

This might be because you tried to use a temporary e-mail address. Our security policy prohibits the use of temporary e-mail addresses. If you have been unable to register for any other reason, please contact our customer support service at [email protected]

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