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The most common questions are

What if someone steals the Jackpot?

The Jackpot wallet is adequately protected by multi-signature technology that requires validation by three out of five key owners. Also, the Jackpot is kept in a "cold" wallet, which adds an extra level of protection by taking access to the wallet offline.

What are the winnings for getting the Jackpot/SuperPrize?

You can the Jackpot for each draw any time at trueflip.io.

Why is the True Flip's market capitalization changing?

The True Flip Token (TFL) is sold on the exchanges, thus, making market capitalization dynamic and dependent on the current exchange rates for TFL. This does not directly affect our business processes as the funds generated during the Token Sale are not part of the trade. Please, note that TFL rates can be extremely volatile at the moment due to low trading volume (which is sustainable for multiple reasons and because we have not started the broadscale marketing yet). Creation of a comfortable environment for TFL trading remains one of our primary goals at the moment.

Why didn’t I get my free ticket?

Currently, we are in the process of upgrading our platform, so we have had to take the free-ticket system offline. We are planning to complete the upgrade within the second quarter of 2018. While we are making the necessary changes, all free tickets are added to and accounted for within our internal log. These tickets will be added to the players' accounts as soon as the technical work is completed.

Where can I find the results of past draws?

All information about past draws is available in our archive. Flip Star's draw archive is available here: https://star.trueflip.io/en/archive

What are the winning odds?

The odds table is listed here: https://star.trueflip.io/#prizetable.

Why haven’t I received my confirmation letter yet?

It’s possible that your letter ended up in your Spam folder. You can request another one on this page: https://trueflip.io/profile/security If this doesn’t work, please contact our customer support service at [email protected].

Where can I store my tokens?

It doesn’t make much difference where you store them. You can keep tokens in your True Flip wallet or withdraw them to your personal one.

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