The most common questions are

How do I activate my gift card?

There is a "Buy or Activate" button at the bottom of any page in the "Gift Card" section. Just click on it and input the code you have. If you received an email with an activation link, you can use it as well.

How long do I have to wait until I receive my deposit?

Mostly it depends on the blockchain itself. We process transaction from the very 1st confirmation in the blockchain. In rare cases the refill process may take a little longer. If your account has not been refilled yet, please describe the issue in details and email to [email protected]

Cannot register

Perhaps you are entering a wrong email address or a weak password. The password must consist of at least 8 characters and contain letters, numbers and special characters. One of the steps prior to registration is captcha check. If you do not see the captcha, try updating your browser, logging in with another web-browser or even a different device. Perhaps the website work is blocked by some extension installed in the browser or even an antivirus or firewall. If you are doing everything correctly, but still cannot register, email us at [email protected]

What is SEED and the Sequence Number for checking transparency?

A set of six numbers that reflect the sequence of requests to the Mersenne Twister function. More details here:

Funds deducted when playing Demo

Please describe the issue in details and email to [email protected]

Where can I find SEED and the Number Sequence for checking transparency?

You can find them when you go to the Play section, click on My Bets and switch to the Archive tab on the right. Choose the needed bet and click Check.

Bet disappeared from the list

Please describe the issue in details and email to [email protected]

`You cannot use fake/temporary email to sign up` shows up when trying to register. What is that?

We try to prevent creating fake accounts so you cannot use temporary email when signing up.

Couldn't find the answer?

If you did not find the answer to your question, please, contact our support team using the button below.

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