The most common questions are

Winnings not accrued correctly in Chain`s Code

First make sure that the accrued amount doesn't match the one pointed in the prize table located on To find it there, go to section 2, click on the "What can be won?" button. Set the needed multiplier used for the bet and check the prize. If it doesn't match, please describe the issue in details and send an email at [email protected]

A withdrawal request sent, but a confirmation email not received

Please, check all the inbox folders you have in your email including Spam. If the email has not been received for more than 1 hour, please describe the issue in details and email to [email protected]

I accidentally sent tokens other than TFL to my TrueFlip wallet. What do I do?

Please describe the issue in details and email to [email protected]

Cannot log in

If you are sure that you are entering the login data correctly, please describe the issue in a detailed email to [email protected] If you do not remember the password, you can reset it. If you have already done that, but cannot receive the password reset email, please address our support team. If for some reason you cannot disable two-factor authorization (2FA) (for example, you lost your phone or made reset), please send an email to [email protected] You will need to prove you are a legit owner of the account. Therefore, please answer the following questions in advance: 1. The month when you registered your account. 2. The way you signed up (Facebook, Google, Twitter etc). 3. The number of TFL tokens you currently have in your account (if any). 4. Your current BTC balance. 5. The number of tickets played in Rapid to the Moon latest time or the name of the game you played lately.

How can I withdraw TFL?

Click on the balance button in the top-line to access your assets, select Withdrawal, TrueFlip (TFL) tab, input all the required data and click on the Send button.

The game is not working

Please describe the issue in details and email to [email protected]

What is Demo and why don`t winnings get accrued when playing Demo in Chain`s Code?

In this mode you can play the game for free. If you play Demo, nothing will be deducted from the balance and any winnings will not be credited.

How much BTC or TFL should I have on my balance to start playing?

The smallest bet in our games is 0.00002 BTC. That would be enough to start.

Couldn't find the answer?

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