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The most common questions are

Does the sequence of my numbers make any difference?

The sequence makes no difference. Just try to guess the lucky numbers!

How can I top up my balance?

To add money to your balance, press Top-up in the top horizontal menu of your account. Alternatively, you can go to Menu>My transactions>Balance Top-Up.

What is blockchain and why can we trust it the fairness of the draw?

Blockchain is a technology that is already actively used in banking and the financial services industry. The blockchain's main advantage is its absolute transparency and the fact that it is impossible to forge the records. True Flip uses the blockchain to determine the winning numbers. This algorithm is open, and any IT specialist can check its fairness.

When I withdraw 1 TFL or 0.001 BTC, they are not always transferred to my account. Why is that so?

The withdrawal commission is 1 TFL or 0.001 BTC so, in your case, the entire amount you want to withdraw only covers the commission, which is why you get nothing. The minimum withdrawal amount must exceed the commission.

I’ve forgotten my account password. What should I do?

The password recovery form is available in the sign-in window. Enter the e-mail address registered for your account, and we will send you a recovery link. Follow it to change your password.

Why is my account blocked?

Your account may be blocked for breaching the Terms of Service or if you have voluntarily requested self-exclusion. Please contact our customer support service at [email protected]

How do I get my winnings?

If your ticket wins, the amount will be automatically transferred to the wallet specified in your account. Then you can: 1. Send Bitcoins to your personal wallet in another system. 2. Send Bitcoins to the exchange and convert them to the required currency. 3. Use your True Flip wallet to pay for any expenses in Bitcoins. The wallet address you created in True Flip is the same as in any other system.

How do I sign into the system?

Just go through our simple registration process by clicking on the Sign In/Up button at the top of our website. You will need to enter your e-mail address, create a password and confirm you are not a robot. You can also sign up via your social network profile.

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