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How can I help you?

For example, i cannot buy a ticket?

The most common questions are

I cannot buy a ticket

Please check the cost of the filled ticket with your BTC or TFL balance. If everything is fine, but for some reason you cannot buy a ticket, please describe the issue in details and email to [email protected]

Report an error, security issue, bug etc

Please send a detailed email to [email protected] Thank you!

Can I pay with tokens?

You can pay with TFL tokens in "Rapid to the Moon".

How do I activate my gift card?

There is a "Buy or Activate" button at the bottom of any trueflip.io page in the "Gift Card" section. Just click on it and input the code you have. If you received an email with an activation link, you can use it as well.

Where can I buy TFL tokens and how I do refill my account with them?

You can purchase TFL on kucoin.com and send them to the TFL refill address pointed in your account. In order to get that address, click on the balance button in the top-line, in the Deposit section choose TrueFlip (TFL) instead of Bitcoin (BTC) in the drop-down menu.

I can play for Bitcoin only?

In "Rapid to the Moon" you can pay for tickets with TFL tokens.

Draw skipped (not played)

When generating a number from a hash, our goal is to extract a unique number. If this fails, we skip that block and wait for the next one.

How can I get a promo code?

You can receive it with our mailings.

Couldn't find the answer?

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