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What is the Max Bet button in Pirate Bay?

It is the maximum bet you can place for one game. Max Bet gives you the maximum prize if you win.

How can I change my email address?

In order to do that, click on the profile icon in the right top corner of the screen, go to My profile and in the Account security section insert your new email address. Then confirm it with a link sent to your new email address.

Winnings not accrued correctly in Tony`s Reel

Check if you are not confusing the winning amount with the multiplier number for the coin value. In case of win, the multiplier number will show up on the wheel. It defines the winning amount for the bet in the following way: multiplier x coin value = winning amount. If you still think that the winning has not been accrued correctly, please send an email at [email protected].

How many lines the bet will be made for in Mining Factory?

In every spin, the bet is made on all the 27 lines.

Winning not accrued correctly in Magic Dice

Please describe the issue in details and send an email at [email protected].

Сan I turn on SMS notifications?

Of course. But keep in mind that SMS notifications will be used for sending notifications and codes related to your account security.

How can I register here?

In the upper right corner click on the `Sign Up` button, enter your email address, password, confirm that you are 18 years old or older, agree to the Terms and Conditions for using our service and make sure to check the captcha. If you do not see the captcha, try updating your web-browser, logging in from another browser or even with a different device. After successful registration you should receive a confirmation email. If you did not receive it within a few hours, send it again from your account or send an email at [email protected].

How can I activate 2FA?

Click on the account icon in the upper right corner of the screen (click on the 3-dot icon below the account icon for mobile devices) and select Security Center. In the Two-factor authentication section click Activate and follow the instructions.

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