US citizens are not allowed to participate in True Flip's project due to legal restrictions.

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What if someone steals the Jackpot?

Access to the Jackpot wallet is protected by the multisignature technology requiring confirmation of 3/5 key owners. In the meantime, Jackpot is kept on the "cold account", which provides additional protection, as an access to the account control panel is blocked online.

What is a referral link?

A hyperlink that connects your friend's sign up to your referral account.

How can I invite a new user?

If your email is confirmed you will see this page There you can find your referral link and share buttons.

I have missed out the draw. How can I find out the results and check if my ticket has won?

All stats are kept in your profile. In case of winning, money is automatically transferred to your balance. You may withdraw it whenever you like.

Could US citizens participate in the token sale?

No, US citizens are restricted to participate.

Duplication of payment problem.

We are aware of that issue. We recommend you to refresh the page each time you buy a ticket. This issue is going to be fixed in the new version. We will verify your account and make a refund for duplicated tickets.

Can I preserve anonymity having won the significant prize?

If you not going to chatter about your winning either expose your wallet number where the prize is kept, the anonymity will be preserved.

What is blockchain and why it is so reliable in terms of transparency of the draws?

Blockchain is the technology that banking activity starts using; most economic industries are implementing it in key processes. The core advantage of blockchain is 100% transparency and impossibility to fake entries. True Flip applies blockchain to determine winning numbers. This algorithm is open and any coder can prove its fairness.

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