The most common questions are

Will the amount of energy that I won be saved, if I leave the game in Mining Factory?

Yes. Regardless if you log out or close the tab with the game.

How much is Henry’s bonus?

Henry’s bonus amount depends on the amount of the deposit, equaling 75% of the deposit. The maximum amount of Henry’s bonus is 50mBTC / €250.

How can I manage my subscriptions?

You can manage subscriptions and newsletters in your account settings. To do this, click on the icon of your profile in the upper right corner and go to "Preferences". In the "Emails and newsletters" section you can manage your subscriptions. Also, you can unsubscribe via link we send in each email. If the link would not work, please email us at [email protected]

Captcha is not working

Try changing or updating your web-browser. If you are using Tor browser, try a different one, because there are cases when Tor cannot display captcha. In case of using VPN, try disabling it.

What is the Max Bet button in Pirate Bay?

It is the maximum bet you can place for one game. Max Bet gives you the maximum prize if you win.

How do I get the payment?

You are welcome to choose your own payment method.

Failed paying for my bet in Chain`s Code

Check if you have enough funds on the balance. In case of any failure, please contact [email protected] and describe your issue in details.

2FA turned on, but I didn`t do that. What does that mean?

Most likely your account has been hacked. We can disable 2FA for you. You will need to prove you are a legit owner of the account. Therefore, please answer the following questions in advance: 1. The month when you registered your account. 2. The way you signed up (Facebook, Google, Twitter etc). 3. The number of TFL tokens you currently have in your account (if any). 4. Your current BTC balance. 5. The number of tickets played in Rapid to the Moon latest time or the name of the game you played lately.

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