The most common questions are

Winning not accrued in Rapid to the Moon

Please make sure that the winning combination fully or partially matches the combination in accordance with the table shown in paragraph 5 on this page: Pay attention to the switches x1, x2, x3 and x4. They correspond to how many yellow numbers you filled in on the ticket. If everything match together, but the winning has not been accrued, please describe the issue in a detailed email at [email protected]

Withdrawal failed

Try to enter a smaller amount (for example 0.002449 BTC instead of 0.00245 BTC). If the withdrawal request was successful and you have already confirmed it by email, but in the withdrawal history it is listed with a wrong status or you still cannot send a withdrawal request, please describe the issue in details and email at [email protected]

When the game is going to be available again?

We are planning on releasing an update in April 2019.

How can I mute the sound in Chain`s Code?

Just press the speaker button located in the upper right corner of the number machine.

Why does the TFL ticket price change in Rapid to the Moon?

The ticket price depends on the current TFL exchange rate.

How can I cancel my bet in Rapid to the Moon?

There`s no such an opportunity.

Do you have a mobile application for your games?

We do not develop mobile applications, but we always optimize our website for comfortable use on mobile devices as well.

Can I play for FLC in Rapid to the Moon?

You cannot pay for tickets with FLC.

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