The most common questions are

How and where can I leave a feedback about your project?

Either you can send it to [email protected] or you can leave it on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TrueFlip.io/reviews/

What will happen if I request a withdrawal?

Should you decide to request a withdrawal or disable Welcome bonus manually before fulfilling the respective wagering conditions, all bonus funds and progress made in games will be lost.

Where are you located?

We are registered by the following address: Curaçao Orionweg 5С, Willemstad with the digital number 145550

Is there any service fee for BTC, TFL or EUR withdrawals?

All withdrawals are free of charge except for TFL, the commission fee of which is 1 TFL.

Will the amount of energy that I won be saved, if I leave the game in Mining Factory?

Yes. Regardless if you log out or close the tab with the game.

How to play Tony`s Reel?

This is a slot game presented in the shape of a wheel. Just set the coin value and spin the reel. In case of win, a number on the reel will show up. That's a multiplier for the coin value that will define the win amount.

How can I cancel my withdrawal?

If you requested a withdrawal, but have not confirmed it by email, simply do nothing. If you have already confirmed the withdrawal by email, then most likely your withdrawal has already been sent. But even in that case you can either email us at [email protected]

How can I make a deposit in TFL?

Click on the balance bar in the top-line to access your assets. Choose TrueFlip TFL tab and click on Deposit button to display the destination address for refilling with TFL.

Couldn't find the answer?

If you did not find the answer to your question, please, contact our support team using the button below.

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