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What is True Flip Affiliate Program?

When you become an affiliate (partner), you become able to earn money through your website. All you need to do is promoting True Flip on your websites and referring players to our platform. A part of the revenue these players generate on our website may later become your profit. That easy!

How to activate the Bonus game in Mining Factory?

To activate the Bonus game players have to accumulate Bonus points.

Where can Henry’s bonus wagering progress be found?

The wagering of Henry’s bonus is automatically reviewed by the system. The progress is shown in the My Profile section.

What is Freespins bonus?

Freespins bonus is given to any user as a part of a Welcome bonus promotion for the first deposit on trueflip.io or as a single separate promotion.

`You cannot use fake/temporary email to sign up` shows up when trying to register. What is that?

We try to prevent creating fake accounts so you cannot use temporary email when signing up.

Can I withdraw VIP bonus?

Users cannot withdraw VIP bonus right after receiving it. VIP Bonus has a wagering requirement of 30 times for the total amount (deposit + bonus) to become available to withdraw.

Why should I be a TrueFlip Affiliate?

Why not? We offer a unique product, fair gaming and a lot of fun. You would only be proud to promote us to your users. And if they choose to pay for the fun we are offering — we will be happy to share it with you!

How to play Chain`s Code?

Chain`s Code consists of spins, going one after the other, during which a player places a bet, and the RNG shows the combination of numbers for the given spin. The player determines the number of spins independently.

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